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Dr. Samuel Boothe


"When I first began seeing Dr. Boothe, I was very skeptical of the Chiropractic procedures and if they could help me.  I was having trouble with numbness in my left hand and had decided that my problem was carpal tunnel, which would require surgery.  My company suggested I try therapy with Dr. Boothe first.

Over the past year, I had also experienced pain in my right hip that would run down into my leg. I ended up limping around a lot which was embarrassing, and taking large amounts of ibuprofen every day just so I could stand the pain.  My mother had had five hip replacements and I knew I had inherited her degenerative joints disease.

After seeing Dr. Boothe for approximately 3 weeks, I had no more hip or leg pain! I was not taking any pain medication and I was walking like I was 20 again!  The numbness in my left hand is almost gone, only the tip of my little finger still remains tingley.

In my opinion, Dr. Boothe has truly worked miracles in my overall well-being! I'm sure my company is grateful because I have not had to miss any time at work.

Thank you so much!"

Marti Griffin


"Last fall I successfully injured my back again.  I have never sought treatment for my back problems up until this time.  I was unable to stand or sit for any period of time and no matter how much I rested my back it did not improve.  It was at the insistence of one of my good friends and my husband that I sought medical help, specifically chiropractic help. 

I limped into the office of Dr. Sam Boothe in Marion, Virginia.  After evaluating my x-rays and primary flexibility test, Dr. Boothe consulted with me about my intentions for chiropractic care.  I had the choice of "getting out of pain" or correcting the problem and using preventative maintenance for a better quality of life as I get older.  My intitial response was based upon my preconceived notions of chiropractic care.  The thought of continuously having my back adjusted was not in my long-term plan and honestly did not sound the least appealing.  I opted for the no-pain solution.

After only three weeks of therapy and adjustments I was pain free! I continued to go for weekly appointments because after each visit I not only felt better, but also noticed the difference between where I was before chiropractic care and where I was now.  It is very obvious that my results are due specifically to having therapy and adjustments.

It has been over six months since I first sought chiropractic care.  Since my first appointment my knowledge about chiropractic care has increased 100% and I no longer have apprehension about injuring my back.  I am thankful for both my friend and husband who pointed me in the direction of chiropractic care and also for Dr. Boothe and his staff, who have graciously educated and enlightment me regarding chiropractic care."

Respectfully submitted,

Kathy Cox

Marion, Va.


"I sought chiropractic treatment hoping to find relief from chronic headaches and migraines. I've seen several doctors and tried many medications, with no success.  After 2 weeks of chiropractic treatment, I noticed about a 25% decrease in the frequency and severity of my headaches, just as Dr. Boothe predicted.  We expect to see even more improvement in the following weeks of treatment.

Dr. Boothe and his staff are extremely kind and caring.  The office atmosphere is so comfortable and inviting, it is easy for me to keep my regular appointments!"

Veronica Hutton